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23 April 2007 @ 05:59 pm
if i see another dress, i'll vom  
i've been looking for a dress for the reception in michigan HARD CORE. i still haven't found anything remarkable. i was getting ready to do the THREAD dress i posted months ago, and i found out they do mail order!! great, right? well, if you're going to order a THREAD dress, it takes 3.5 months for them to get it to you. i know this is very similar with most bridal/bridesmaid things but WHAT THE FUCK? that is too long, and i am irate.

so since that, i've looked in the following places:


that's all i can think of right now, but isn't that excessive??? especially if i haven't found anything yet? i'm really not excessively picky, i swear. the colors that are available right now in most cocktail dresses would be pretty garish on me, and i really hate most forms of pink. i need a not-slutty cocktail dress, preferably satin or charmeuse.... here are my closest calls right now:

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it looks a little short, but it's still pretty classy.

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this one initially looks too bright and loud, but maybe it would look good on?

this one is kind of the wild card right now, i just found it in a random miami dress shop...

i am drowning in a sea of ugly, non-flattering dresses. i think i might just give up for a month and come back, but by then i'll have very little time, especially if it need alterations. grrr grrr grrr!
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dance dance dancedonkeyfly on April 24th, 2007 08:37 am (UTC)
i know how you feel.

although i JUST bought a dress on ebay. i'm really excited about it. i hope it works out.

also, i would highly recommend you check out amazon. i know it's silly, but they cross list a lot of the websites you were looking at above so they have wider selection with a lot of the same prices.

i think i forgot to respond about the tufi duek dress. that particular one was $328, although they do have some other nice ones for under $200.

and you know, ebay is sort of addicting, but really cool.

oh. and i like the last one best. BY FAR.